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WHO ARE OUR social TEAm?

Our social team is for people who are relatively new to rugby or just want to play the game for fun - without competition. They train on Monday evenings.

Anyone can play for our social team regardless of gender identity and it's a great way to get a feel for the game and whether rugby is the game for you. 

Our social team plays little to no contact and focuses more developing an understanding of the game as well as allowing players to make new friends. 

Our coach



Here's where we put bio of the coach.

Ideally we want this bio to fill this box. The kind of information we are looking for is history of playing rugby, history of coaching and we can also include some personal information. 

The amount of text that is currently in this box is what we'd ideally be looking to have in the bio.

TEam Updates

Football Game

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This is where we will add the news update for the team. This can be a tournament announcement or the results for a game. When we add this it would be good if we could also have a photo so the background image can be changed to match the story/update. In regards to text we don't want this update to be longer than around eleven lines as it will mess with spacing. 

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