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What is RUGBY?

Rugby comes in lots of shapes and sizes - much like those who play it. From 15s full contact Rugby Union played by the Bruisers' league team, 7s full contact played by the FLINTA* team to six-aside touch rugby, it's a sport that has a place for everyone. 

At the Bruisers, we believe rugby is about bringing people together to enjoy a sport that, while physically demanding, is a lot of fun and helps you make friends for life. That's what our Intro to Rugby sessions hope to show you.



What will be covered?


THe Day

In our Intro to Rugby day, we'll go over the basics of rugby to try and give you the best overview of how the game works. 

We'll keep things simple while still making sure you have fun. If you enjoy it, you'll be welcome to join one of our teams to continue your journey. 

Afterwards, some experienced players will be available to answer questions.

The Next Intro to RUGBY session will be:

Saturday 25 March 2023 
@ Templehofer Feld


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We will have some drinks for after practice. Please indicate what you would like:

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