WB-15 Commercial Offer is a form approved by the Department of Regulation and Licensing in Wisconsin. The form was established for the use of real estate agents (licensed) who participate in the sale and purchase of various types of commercial properties. According to the contract, there are two contractors: the buyer and the seller. The contract to purchase and sell commercial real estate in Wisconsin is a real estate contract between a commercial real estate owner and a potential acquirer. The agreement is first established by the buyer as an official offer for the purchase of the property. This proposal includes fundamental elements of the transaction, such as the desired purchase price, closing procedures, financial contingencies, completion dates and legal obligations of each party during the negotiation process. If the owner agrees, the parties enter into a legal contract that can only be terminated under the terms set out in the signed agreement. As a general rule, Form WB-15 is not required to be provided with proof, with the exception of the warranty statement that must be presented to the purchaser at the time of payment of the purchase price. Nevertheless, there is a provision that states that a seller also has a report on the condition of real estate if the property is an apartment building with less than five units. The commercial offer to purchase must record the details of the transaction of the commercial property and legally require the parties to comply with the provisions. It therefore serves as a legal confirmation of the purchase and sale of the land. This decision was made on the basis of the conclusion that the assisted housing facility managed by Divine Savior Healthcare Inc. as a “health care provider” in accordance with Wis` article.

Stat. Chapter 655 which regulates allegations of medical malpractice. Two original copies of form WB-15 must be kept by the buyer and seller, and an additional copy should be made for the broker`s registrations. I do not have time to do that. Stat. Chapter 655 presented the medical malpractice claims and injured patients and family compensation funds.