The Bruisers get a touch of the Blarney !

So ….. the second half of the season is underway …

The Regional League is now in full swing and we are delighted to say that we have been joined by some of the ‘Boys in Green’ from the Berlin Irish team who are on ‘loan’ to us until the end of the season. Not only do we expect to see an upswing in the talent on display … but also sadly an upswing in the hangovers we will have to suffer after Guinness-filled ‘after-match’ parties!

The other great news is the expansion of the Berlin Bruisers into two teams. There is the Bruiser League Team for those that want to commit to some serious competitive rugby …. and there is now also the Bruiser ‘Gentlemen’s XV’, for those who still want to play and train, but with a more relaxed ‘end-game’ (and possibly less injury? !!).

Details of both teams and their training times and locations can be found on the Training page