In the end, all my experience with a flat tire was the best I`ve ever had in over 40 years of driving. Between the Tesla “Lender” and the TIRE RACK “Road Hazard Protection”, I had devoted the subject only about 2 hours of my life and no money at all. It`s not a bad market. After about 5 minutes of Muzak, I was finally paired with a Tesla troubleshooting representative who immediately offered me the “Leihrad” service. After about 45 minutes of waiting, a small van appeared, mounted on wheels in a complete set of all the tires available for Tesla Model S and X. My flat tire was a MICHELIN PILOTE SPORT PS2 XL, 265/35ZR-21. The convenience store took no more than 15 minutes to change the tires and wheels and put the damaged tire that was still mounted on my 21″ turbine gray wheels in a large plastic bag and then in my trunk. In less than an hour, I was back. I have had similar experiences with low psi/puncture tires. It turned out that in one case it was a nail, the other was a key (yes, strategically placed to cause a puncture).

The Tesla service was outstanding. They delivered and put a loan tire on my SEP, then came back the next day to replace a case and repair my tire on another occasion. A big praise to Josh in the Nor Cal Bay area. He is very professional, efficient and I felt comfortable in both cases. Go Tesla! Before lifting your car, be sure to put it in flashing mode. While you are doing this, you should lift the air suspension to the highest possible position to support access. If it is set, you need to lock the other three wheels so that the car does not move. In some markets, including the Los Angeles area, Tesla has contracts with trained convenience stores that have a limited number of rental bikes to quickly exchange for the damaged wheel so one can continue one`s journey.

An article shared by My Tesla Adventure (@myteslaadventure) on May 19, 2020 at 10:41 am PDT My next steps were to arrange a good time with my local tesla service center to pass by in a few days to exchange the rental bike for a new original wheel. I emailed my service center in Torrance, CA, that I had already purchased a new replacement tire and could get an appointment for the next day at the center`s opening time. If you are set, remove the blocks from your wheels and you will be set to start. Remember that this is a temporary solution, you should always find a professional to replace your tire! The convenience store told me they were also waiting for Mercedes, Lexus and other luxury cars, but Tesla was the only one providing the rental bikes.