SG Berlin Bruisers / Grizzlies vs. SC Siemensstadt

So much to be said about Sunday´s match: the quality of the match and the concentration on the play in waves, going up and down and up again. Hard match, heated atmosfere at times, some not so friendly behaviour, and a yellow card on both sides – Bruisers / Grizzlies losing 7-54. 

Everyone has a bad day sometimes, but (and this is a capital BUT and the noteworthy aspect) a tingling feeling up my spine at the last matches tells me that there is something´s developping! Our joined team is now 5 matches, a few trainings, growing together into the season and it presents some solid Rugby! It is visible that the efforts of coaches and team captain are showing some great great improvement: we win the scrums, the line-outs work, there were good phases (one after the other in a constant flow), quick passes, which finally led to a great pushing through and try by Alban.  

Even the referee mentioned in his summary that he has watched the Bruisers play over a lengthy period now and they keep getting better and better (now also thanks to the Grizzlie´s great players of course)!

Particular mention: impressive performances by Laurin, Tim and Robbie (he´s giving his 110% as always!), and a few powerful and committed tackles by Johan and John (Happy Birthday btw.)!

Still, there is some work to be done: too many little mistakes, easy ball dropping and losing, some shy tackles, some lack of support for the front line (fitness!) and too few passes to the backs after the work-phases in the center. Lack of concentration on the defense-line then allowed SCS to break through several times and score. 

Boys, we want you at training, so the Bruisers / Grizzlies show a more consistent play, and we´ll have some Rugby-fun together in the end!

Really looking forward to our next matches!