According to the RGPD, organizations can only process personal data if there is a legal basis. In your privacy policy, you must specify what you intend. On the one hand, privacy policies provide documented evidence of your data processing activities. This helps you justify your treatment if someone files a complaint with their guardianship authority. This is GBP 10 TTC (if any) and can be purchased here: the most important laws are the RGPD and, in the UK, the Data Protection Act 2018. But these legal requirements are not the only considerations at stake. There are at least three other reasons to publish a privacy policy on your website. You`ll find an idea of what this might look like in our data protection statement: Our privacy statement contains comments to make sure you meet the requirements of the RGPD. With the RGPD, privacy policy models almost always need to be highly tailored to fit the particular way a company (as a data manager) handles personal data. I can`t really give a reasonable answer to the question of “which one” without knowing much about the site, and what you do with personal data – in practice, I should support you as a customer to give useful instructions.

Thanks for all the great models and free things you have on your site. You have answered many of my questions only on this blog here. Very useful. I need the website`s privacy policy if I upgrade later in the year, but for now, I just need a basic privacy policy that includes collecting contact information for written folders and email newsletters. I`ve been on the OIC website to find a model, but it`s a very complicated site and haven`t managed to find one on there. Your information is so much clearer and easier to navigate. When your organization processes personal data, you must provide certain information to individuals through a privacy statement or privacy statement. Would your data protection model be good enough for me? Rigorous (however, subject to certain exceptions), you must provide the individuals concerned with information about how you process the personal data you collect and use as part of your business. In the case of this type of restricted function, the potential sources of personal data are: (i) website analysis systems (not all will be personal data, but some may be); and (ii) all messages you receive from users, e.g. by email.B. If the site uses “not necessary” cookies (whether yours or third parties), you should also pass on information about these cookies to users. All this information is usually included in a privacy and/or cookie policy.

Do I have an obligation to include the confidentiality statement and, if so, which one? You can manage your privacy settings in your browser or in our apps and services (if any).