1211, 2018

    Match BSC Bruisers vs SG Berlin Irish Trebbin

    November 12th, 2018|Comments Off on Match BSC Bruisers vs SG Berlin Irish Trebbin

    The last home match of 2018 did not quite yield the desired result for us.
    Tries against us started early in the match and didn’t stop coming until we were down 0:29 at half time. At the beginning of the second half was one of the few times we were able to come near the Irish/Trebbin try line for a longer phase in the match. The SG tries kept coming and didn’t manage to put any points on the board. Final result 0:67.

    The good thing to take away from the match is our record numbers for this season. Recruitment and bringing players up to match readiness are well on track.

    A big thank you to SG Stahl Brandenburg e.V. who will support us with players for the remainder of the 2018/19 season before they rejoin the regional league Nordost as their own team again the season after.

    Final score:

    BSC Bruisers 0 : 67 Berlin Irish Trebbin


    1510, 2018

    Match SC Siemensstadt vs BSC Bruisers

    October 15th, 2018|Comments Off on Match SC Siemensstadt vs BSC Bruisers

    Herrlicher Sonntagsausflug nach Siemensstadt bei goldenem Oktoberwetter. Zwar kassierten wir innerhalb der ersten 30 Sekunden den ersten Versuch samt Erhöhung gegen uns, aber die Mannschaft fing sich schnell und erkämpfte in einem sehr fairen Spiel den Halbzeitstand 12:12.
    In der zweiten Hälfte war etwas die Puste aus und es gelang nur noch ein weiterer Versuch, so dass es zum Abpfiff 39:17 für die Gastgeber stand.
    Vielen Dank an Siemensstadt für das tolle Spiel und vor allem an unsere zahlreich erschienen Freunde und Fans!

    Picture-perfect golden October weather made for a fantastic Sunday outing to Siemensstadt. A very early try against us spurred the team to action and they fought themselves back into the match for a half-time score of 12:12. The legs grew a wee bit heavy in the second half and we only managed one more try for the final score of 39:17 for the hosts.
    Many thanks to Siemensstadt for the great match and particularly to our many friends and supporters, who cheered us on splendidly!

    Final score:

    SC Siemensstadt 39 : 17 BSC Bruisers

    110, 2018

    Match BSC Bruisers vs. Rugby Club Leipzig Scorpions

    October 1st, 2018|Comments Off on Match BSC Bruisers vs. Rugby Club Leipzig Scorpions

    A lovely sunny afternoon down at Berliner Sport Rugby Club today, and a great day of rugby with the BSC Bruisers at home against our friends from Rugby-Verein Leipzig Scorpions e.V.

    It was an exciting, hard fought match from both teams, that realistically could have gone either way. In the end however the Bruisers prevailed.

    We wish a very speedy recovery to the injured Scorpions player!

    Final score:

    BSC Bruisers 31 : 24 Leipzig Scorpions

    3108, 2018

    New season 2018

    August 31st, 2018|Comments Off on New season 2018

    The new rugby season 2018 is on the doorstep and the Bruisers are back on the pitch with a new coach, a new captain and a bunch of new players. The Bash About was a perfect warm up to get back into shape after the summer break and now we are ready to rock!


    The match schedule is out and we are thrilled to have our first match tomorrow against the BSV II!



    Everyone can join during the matches, so come and support us!


    Goooo Bruisers!


    2108, 2018

    Bash About 2018

    August 21st, 2018|Comments Off on Bash About 2018

    Another tremendous Bash About has gone. Our three days Barbarbian Tournament was anything but pure fun and good rugby! Ruggers from all over Europe have been fed with any kind of need: from party nights to rough rugby.


    More than 30 inclusive rugby teams were represented and once again we felt very overwhelmed by so much commitment and appreciation for this event.


    As conclusion of this extraordinary weekend, the Berlin film premiere of our movie “Tackling life” on Monday night set a special milestone in the history of our team, which for the first time landed… ON THE SCREEN!  A great occasion for us to show who we are and how we commit ourserlves for a better LGBTQ+ acceptance in all sports.


    See you in 2020!

    The Bruisers