2603, 2019

    SG Halle vs BSC Bruisers

    March 26th, 2019|Comments Off on SG Halle vs BSC Bruisers

    Tough match in Halle (the opponents obviously knew how to position 2, 3, 4 players on the flanks and score tries along the sidelines). However, although it was a high loss for the Berlin Bruisers, the team didn’t look bad at all. A team with new, motivated players and new positions, developing its interaction.

    Captain Alex: “happy to see some skills and good moves”. Coach Rodolfo: “despite the Halle dominance, good Bruisers defence, scrums and lineouts, tasks fulfilled. Besides regular training, some additional fitness is needed next!”.


    Final score:

    SG Halle 93 : 0 BSC Bruisers

    1103, 2019

    Berlin Bruisers’s Violet Variete: Gaelic Glamour

    March 11th, 2019|Comments Off on Berlin Bruisers’s Violet Variete: Gaelic Glamour

    Saturday March 30th at SchwuZ.

    Entrance from 20.00, show from 21.00-23.30 (sharp)  
    After the show, you can stay in SchwuZ for the following event: Buttcocks  

    Pre-sale of tickets HERE  

    The Berlin Bruisers – the first gay and inclusive rugby team in Germany – are going to participate in the Union Cup, the biggest European rugby tournament for gay and inclusive rugby, this year in Dublin. And they need your support to properly represent Berlin! Come and join them in a night full of jaw-dropping and unforgettable performances. As it is now a tradition, the sexy Berlin Bruisers are putting together a new edition of their beloved, wild and crazy Violet Varieté, happening on March 30th in SchwuZ. It will be an evening of spectacular performance, ranging from comedy to live music, draglesque, acrobatics, and some sexy surprises. An evening filled with glamorous artists and also with the sexy Berlin Bruisers – the most colorful german rugby team.

    The night will be hosted by Gieza Poke, “Berlin’s only power-top pan-sexual former-Scottish-daytime-TV-fitness-sensation”. At her side: none other than Liliana Velasquez, the fabulous Berlin comedian. The line up is nothing short of spectacular and includes: The Darwish will seduce you with his belly dance, Ben MacLean will make you laugh out loud with his insights into Berlin’s gay life, Dunja von K will hypnotize you with her hula hoops, Fannie Haedäk will show what a queen and a chair together can do, Nana Schewitz will push the boundaries of drag, Feline & Strange will delight your ears with local Berlin-made tunes, and Lola Rose will surprise you with some lovely tunes. And finally as it is now a tradition – the Berlin Bruisers will be on the stage. And they’re ready to lose their clothes! Our timeless tradition – the Bruisers Striptease – will leave you begging for more!

    503, 2019

    BSC Bruisers vs. SC Siemensstadt

    March 5th, 2019|Comments Off on BSC Bruisers vs. SC Siemensstadt

    Eighth game, second half of Season 18/19 – March 2, 2019.


    Even though spring is approaching, in Germany is still full winter and the second half of the season must start. Frozen fingers and freezing ground, some supporters from a fellow team and here we are: a well fought match against a very skilled team.


    Final score:

    BSC Bruisers 3 : 62 SC Siemensstadt

    1211, 2018

    Match BSC Bruisers vs SG Berlin Irish Trebbin

    November 12th, 2018|Comments Off on Match BSC Bruisers vs SG Berlin Irish Trebbin

    The last home match of 2018 did not quite yield the desired result for us.
    Tries against us started early in the match and didn’t stop coming until we were down 0:29 at half time. At the beginning of the second half was one of the few times we were able to come near the Irish/Trebbin try line for a longer phase in the match. The SG tries kept coming and didn’t manage to put any points on the board. Final result 0:67.

    The good thing to take away from the match is our record numbers for this season. Recruitment and bringing players up to match readiness are well on track.

    A big thank you to SG Stahl Brandenburg e.V. who will support us with players for the remainder of the 2018/19 season before they rejoin the regional league Nordost as their own team again the season after.

    Final score:

    BSC Bruisers 0 : 67 Berlin Irish Trebbin


    1510, 2018

    Match SC Siemensstadt vs BSC Bruisers

    October 15th, 2018|Comments Off on Match SC Siemensstadt vs BSC Bruisers

    Herrlicher Sonntagsausflug nach Siemensstadt bei goldenem Oktoberwetter. Zwar kassierten wir innerhalb der ersten 30 Sekunden den ersten Versuch samt Erhöhung gegen uns, aber die Mannschaft fing sich schnell und erkämpfte in einem sehr fairen Spiel den Halbzeitstand 12:12.
    In der zweiten Hälfte war etwas die Puste aus und es gelang nur noch ein weiterer Versuch, so dass es zum Abpfiff 39:17 für die Gastgeber stand.
    Vielen Dank an Siemensstadt für das tolle Spiel und vor allem an unsere zahlreich erschienen Freunde und Fans!

    Picture-perfect golden October weather made for a fantastic Sunday outing to Siemensstadt. A very early try against us spurred the team to action and they fought themselves back into the match for a half-time score of 12:12. The legs grew a wee bit heavy in the second half and we only managed one more try for the final score of 39:17 for the hosts.
    Many thanks to Siemensstadt for the great match and particularly to our many friends and supporters, who cheered us on splendidly!

    Final score:

    SC Siemensstadt 39 : 17 BSC Bruisers