Get rid of the paperwork! JotForm offers online educational forms for education professionals and students. Educators need forms more than any other sector — whether it`s collecting applications, evaluating trainers or even collecting donations — so it`s important that they can easily create forms. Whether you are an educator in K-12 or higher education, we have a form template for you. Start by providing scholarships from the forms received by the students, without the donkeys creating your own forms from scratch. Use this template for the university scholarship application form, which was created with JotForm! Start by receiving applications as soon as possible! Take quizs online and write them down automatically with our free Math Quiz model. Ideal for distance learning. Students can fill it on any device. Training will be provided to improve the skills of a company`s employees. It contributes both to improving the technical skills needed for their work and to developing personal skills that contribute to the efficiency of the accomplishment of tasks and the development of self-confidence.

Sometimes it may also contain a confidentiality clause that prohibits participants and trainers from disclosing information they have learned about each other, especially during rehabilitation activities. However, students will work for a long period of time for training that will certainly help them find a job, and they will be able to improve the company`s progress with the experience they have gained through the training they have gained. One can simply assume that training contracts are in some ways very similar to a paid internship contract or a vice-verse. Training certificates are legal contracts that offer a place and a taste to all parties involved, although these agreements are of the utmost importance because they are able to guarantee the legal rights of both parties. The terms and conditions of use of an online course apply to the creator of online courses. Here`s a really simple student tracking form template for your needs. It contains questions about contact, discipline data set, tests, academic briefing notes to track student data. This free tracking sheet of student data can be used and adjusted based on all the teaching data collected by the students.

A distance education contract is sent to students and their parents to accept the conditions of distance learning. Our free distance learning contract form allows educational institutions to collect signed apprenticeship agreements online. Simply adjust the terms and conditions to reflect your digital classroom, put the form on your website or share it with a link with parents, and wait for the signed contracts to be deposited into your JotForm account.