Financial facilities may include the following, but are not limited to:a. Identifying financial institutions potentially interested in financing targeted MSM companies; b) the development of MSME customer loyalty letters and their presentation to the licensing project. Development of a business plan (if any) and activation of applications for credit or participation on behalf of an MSME or project client company within the MSME sector; d. Preparing and submitting proposals to each IF attracted by MSMEs and the project client company in the MSME sector. Hold meetings with credit advisors/committees and negotiate credit terms with IFs; Combine project client companies with private quasi-investment investors and facilitate any equity/quasi-equity negotiations in the client company`s business on their behalf. (Equity convertible bonds and other acquisition participation options that are reviewed by the FF supplier and accepted by the beneficiary).2. Debt rescheduling, which may include: a. Conducting a situation analysis by integrating the MSME company or the customer planning company into the MSME sector in a dialogue on term loans.b. Present the agreed structure that describes the client company`s financial difficulties and get a possible solution with the IF.c. Negotiate new terms for credit management, which are fair, reasonable and acceptable to MSME or the project client company in the MSME sector.

Facilitate access to other financial products such as financing storage credits and storage inputs and the interface between the IF, which advances inventory credit, and negotiating a fair and reasonable agreement accepted by the client company.3 evaluation of the internal management systems of project finance companies to identify gaps in capacity building. identifying the capacity-building needs of the financial institutions or the financial intermediary itself needed for the transaction. This capacity building can be ensured by the project. DELIVERABLES3. Business Approval MSMEL`Financial Intermediary must submit a customer loyalty letter signed by FF and MSME, which it wishes to support for the approval of the party leader (COP) or DCOP before participating in a service provision (including services) as described above. These reports must be presented in an appropriate format. The information should include: a. Organization/client name b.

Overview of benefits such as: ` FI`s name (s) to provide the client`s liability or equity loan`s value of the loan or investment to the client`s value of the loan or investment`s value`, interest rate, `Price per share` grace period (if applicable) – Recipient`s location – Total amount of FF fees, broken down by source ` Repayment of credits` Disbursement of credit or private equity: the financial intermediary must prove the success of a financing transaction by the payment of an initial loan or an infusion of private equity. Proof of payment in the form of a written certificate from the IF or financier must be presented to the project before this delivery can be considered complete. The project may request, at its sole discretion, additional documentation of a given transaction before certifying its delivery. All services and other documents must be provided to David Huezo, Expanded Access to Financing for MSMEs Manager. 3. Progress ReportsThe financial intermediary will be required to submit quarterly progress reports, with project staff informed of the status of each ongoing funding/investment agreement.