8.2 Change by franchisees. When franchisees develop new changes, concepts, procedures, improvements or slogans in the operation or promotion of the Restaurant or Mama Fu system, this is interim work, and the franchisee will immediately inform franchiur of the necessary information about this change, concept, process, improvement or slogan and will immediately make available franchir without compensation. Franchisees recognize that such a change, concept, procedure, enhancement or slogan must become the exclusive and exclusive property of Franchisor and that Franchisor may use or authorize it under the Mama Fu system or the operation of Mama Fu`s Restaurants without compensation to franchisees. The express intention of the parties is that the franchisees are and will be an independent contractor under this agreement, and there is no partnership, joint venture, fiduciary relationship or other special relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor. This agreement does not constitute a franchisee as a representative, legal representative or employee of Franchisor for any purpose, and the franchisee does not have the right or authority to assume or create an obligation for or on behalf of or on behalf of Franchisor or in any way. Franchisees undertake not to assume or accept debts or obligations on behalf of the franchisor, or to commit an act, to provide insurance or advertisements in any way that infringes a franchisor`s right or may damage the reputation and reputation of Franchisor or other franchisor franchisees. For the duration of the agreement, Franchisor lends the franchisee a copy of Franchisor`s confidential operating manual (the operating manual) that may consist of printed manuals, computer documents or software, information provided over the Internet or an extranet, audiotapes, videotapes or other media that franchisor regularly adopts for use with the Fu Mama system and is called part of the operating manual. The operating manual contains information and specifications regarding mama Fu system standards and specifications, restaurant development and operation, as well as all other information and advice that Franchisor can provide to its franchisees at regular intervals. Franchisor may update and modify the operating manual on a regular basis to reflect changes in Mama Fu`s system and operating requirements for Mama Fu restaurants, and the franchisee expressly undertakes to comply with any requirement that Franchisor may require within a reasonable time or within 30 days of receiving notification of the requirement. The franchisee ensures that its copy of the operating manual and any other confidential material made available to the franchisee by Franchisor is kept up to date. The franchisee must keep any printed operating manual in a secure location at the restaurant and limit staff access to the operating manual on the basis of the need to know and take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure or copying of information in a printed or computer franchisee, which informs the franchisor in writing of its choice in order to renew the franchise at least six months before the initial period expires; Receive many consumers perceiving Western rapid returns on the quick arrangement of the metro metro test agree with Tempura allowed local agreement or.