FLINTA* team

Trainings takes place every Monday and Wednesday on the pitch at Neue Krugallee 219, 12437 Berlin. For latest updates on training times and upcoming games check the calendar.

Please email FLINTAteam@berlinbruisers.com if you’d like to join an upcoming training

Is this training for me? What is FLINTA*?

We welcome players of all levels and physical ability!
The core of our teams identity is creating a space where everyone who identifies as FLINTA* feels welcomed, safe, and can have fun at training. FLINTA* is an abbreviation in German which stands for:

  • F: Frauen/Women
  • L: Lesben/Lesbians
  • I: Intergeschlechtliche Personen/Intersex People
  • N: Nicht-binäre/Non-binary people (enby for short)
  • T: Trans* Personen (trans Männer und trans Frauen) oder Trans*gender/Trans* people (trans men and trans women) or trans*gender
  • A: Agender (people who do not identify themselves by gender)
  • *: Nicht explizit erwähnte Personen/Persons not explicitly mentioned, who do not fit into one of the above-mentioned sexual orientations or gender identities and are (also) meant.

The abbreviations FLINT/ FLINTA denote the people who are discriminated against in the patriarchy. It is wrong and often perceived as offensive to refer to these individuals as “non-men”. (Men would usually be reluctant to be called “non-women”.) Therefore, many people (especially in feminist contexts) use the abbreviations FLINTA* or LGBTQIA* to include all the people meant.

Source and further explanation in German: Kritische Männlichkeit

When and where is training?

Training is on Monday and Wednesday evenings at our pitch near Baumschulenweg in Berlin’s southeast:
Neue Krugallee 219
12437 Berlin

Please check our calendar for the latest updates on training!

The red arrows below indicate where to find the changing rooms (the building entrance facing the turf) and where to meet at the start of training (the grass field beyond the turf).

Do I need to do anything before coming to training?

You can just show up to training, however in order to properly plan for the people attending training we would prefer if you would let us know you’re coming by emailing FLINTAteam@berlinbruisers.com

What do I bring?

For your first training all you need is a good pair of sports shoes (preferably cleats/with plastic studs but trainers work to start), water, a willingness to learn and a desire to have fun! For the future, if you’re interested in playing full contact rugby, you should invest in a mouthguard (a couple euros at decathlon).

More questions?

You can get in touch with the organizers of the FLINTA* team by emailing FLINTAteam@berlinbruisers.com

We look forward to seeing you on the pitch soon!