In case of non-payment/withdrawal of one of your commercial bank cards, the bank may revoke your right to use one of your commercial bank cards. For credit card cash advances, advance and financing fees may be charged to the cardholder on the day of receipt of cash, subject to the terms of the credit card contract/agreement. Such interest or financing charges shall be levied on the outstanding balance from the reference date, whenever a cardholder pays less or not on time, the outstanding balance indicated in his statement of account. Such interest or financing charges will continue to be collected until the outstanding balance and applicable interest are paid in full. Any interest or financing costs due but not paid are part of the total balance of the outstanding amount and continue to be earned by interest or financing costs. Cheque Fee – For every cheque returned, there is a tax, plus the actual bank charges. The cardholder may terminate their affiliation by requesting cancellation of the card by written notification to the bank or by telephone at the helpline at (02) 8632 2265 or the national toll-free number 1-800-10-982-6000 (PLDT) and 1-800-8-982-6000 (Globe Lines). Cancellation of the card can only be requested after the full performance of all obligations and the outstanding balance. Authorized Resellers – An agreement has been reached with MASTERCARD for the card to be respected by all authorized distributors worldwide. In the event that the card is not recognized or accepted by a local or foreign merchant, bank, financial institution or person for any reason, regardless of the availability of credits, the bank is not responsible, unless such non-acceptance is due to negligence or intentional default. The bank is not responsible for defective products or services purchased through the card, complaints regarding purchases or services made with the card should be addressed to the relevant merchant. Data protection – Subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act and its implementing rules, the commercial bank, its branches, entities, representatives, authorised representatives, representations, related companies, subsidiaries and accredited third party partners, counterparties, correspondence banks and service providers process, use and transmit among themselves the personal data entered on the application form, as well as the information obtained in connection with the cardholder`s transactions with Bank of Commerce, its branches or units relating to the credit card or obtained by third parties for the purpose of customer identification, customer risk profiling/assessment, product development and improvement, market research, life-cycle communications or use of my credit card.