The WCB has repeatedly said that the main issues at the centre of the strike are class size and enrolment. Both the union and the borough have highlighted these areas in the most recent offer. A new implementation procedure would involve a joint council, which will enter into force at the beginning of the next school year and can define corrective measures. In cases where classes exceed “oversized” class limits, “there will be an automatic investigation by the joint council that will lead to a funded remedy solution,” says a copy of the provisional agreement. If the union had refused the contract, it would have opened up the possibility that the strike, which lasted 11 school days, could resume. But before the ratification vote was announced, Sharkey tried to bury that concern, while finding that the WCB didn`t have everything it wanted. “Affordable housing is a critical topic that affects residents across Chicago and everyone`s voices must be heard during this process,” Mayor Lightfoot said in a statement last month. “Therefore, the collective agreement [of the teachers` union] is not the ideal place for the city to legislate on its affordable housing policy.” This high-level performance was a necessary moral boost after the day before, the relationship between the Chicago Teen Union and Mayor Lori Lightfoot reached an all-time high. The mayor had sent a letter to union leaders asking them to end their strike and return to work, saying “there is no more money” they could offer.

This led union leader Sharkey to say that his hopes of finding a quick solution to the work stoppage were “disappointed.” A month after the strike, Lightfoot said she expected the WCB and its allies “to have a continuous drumbeat of complaints throughout my tenure. Until they support and announce a candidate against me in the next election.┬áThe mayor refused to add makeup data at the end of the school calendar, NBC Chicago reported. According to union material, teachers are not being paid for school days spent on strike, The Associated Press reported. .