Bash About 2020 cancelled

Dear Rugger friends,

we have been discussing this at great length, but there is no other solution at this point: due to the recent developments we sadly feel compelled to cancel the Berlin BashAbout event and tournament for the beginning of May! We are opting to find an alternative date this summer or autumn when we all have hopefully overcome the current epidemic!
In practice:

In order to contain the spreading of the corona-virus (Sars-CoV-2) the state-government of Berlin (Senat), has recently prohibited any kind of public sports-event, public venues such as schools, theatres and clubs have been closed, and events with an attendance of more than 50 persons are not allowed. All these measures apply at least until the 19. April, but might be extended for an unforseeable period of time. In addition the federal government is restricting travelling and closing some borders.

We feel we cannot continue organising the event as we are uncertain of how long these measures will be in place, and whether they will be extended, which would factually make it impossible to hold the event. Even if the situation should improve within the next weeks (which seems improbable), we think that it will be too difficult and stressful for participants to organise their travel in those restricted circumstances, and for us to organise the event before the 1st of May.
Therefore we decided to cancel now to also cut the losses for everyone involved. This includes:

  • People who have registered and payed the fee for the event will be reimbursed immediately. We will contact you personally via email.
  • We are considering a different date for the 2020 Berlin BashAbout, possibly the weekend of the 26. July (Gay Pride), or the weekend of the 16. August (simultaneously to the Bingham Cup). However, due to the unforeseeable development of the Corona crises we are not able to fix a date yet.
    Stay safe, respect your local health advisory (wash hands!), and look out for our future updates on the event. We hope we´ll be able to play with you again soon!

Erik Kenny for the Berlin Bruisers

Lastly, the board of the Berlin Bruisers would like to thank our befriended local rugby club RK03 very much for providing us with a great venue and for supporting us in running the Bash about 2020 for a fourth consecutive time. Even though there has been a set back and we have not been able to confirm a new date yet, without your hospitality it would not be imaginable at all – thank you!
Furthermore, we would like to thank the Bash about 2020 organizational team: Welpe, Gonzo, Timothy, Guillaume, Rodolfo, Ben, Robert, John, Magin, Julian, Rachel, AJ, Uli, Nico, and foremost our Bash about 2020 project manager Erik, for all the incredible work you have put in. We sincerely hope that all you have organised so far and worked on so tirelessly can be picked up again later this year to make it become reality. In any case, your work has been invaluable to the club as it also lifted work load from the board who could focus on other important projects within the club. We and the whole club have to thank you for that!