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1211, 2019

SG Grizzlies II/Bruisers vs. Rugby Klub 03

November 12th, 2019|Comments Off on SG Grizzlies II/Bruisers vs. Rugby Klub 03

Perfect Rugby weather in Oranienburg, light drizzle, grey fog, a nice soft pitch, but somehow we drowned in the Brandenburg swamps – an unhappy loss against the RK03-team by 0:47. 

I can´t put it into better words than what our coach Rodolfo said after the match: it burns inside! So much potential in this team, but difficult circumstances – players who couldn´t attend trainings and the match because of injuries, travels or family-things, new players who didn´t have the time and practice to fit into the right position, experienced players who needed to play in positions they are not used to. 

It hurts because the Bruisers / Grizzlies had powerful phases demonstrating skills, winning scrums, good defence, a maul that drove the RK-boys into their half of the pitch. The opponents weren´t even that good, putting pressure on them worked so they kept making mistakes. 

Still, our attack didn´t move forward much, taking the ball into their defence and few passes to the flanks didn`t make meters. And then rucks – we were surprised and overrun by waves of aggressive RK-players jumping the rucks with force and stealing the ball and rushing it through the gaps in our line.

Anyway, don´t let yourself get frustrated! Bruisers and Grizzlies are throwing their bodies into the play and that´s a great effort in itself. We saw powerful action, tackles and pushing the attack by Alban and Tristan! We saw Antonio, who just joined, with a lot of motivation and strength – looking forward to seeing more of him when he trains and plays with us permanently! 

Many Thanks to Khan who filled in for Micha as team captain this day, and Gute Besserung to Benjamin for his shoulder!!

So no hang-ups now! Please, let´s bring the Rugby-fun back – 2 more trainings and the last match before the winter-break next weekend. Throw yourselves into it – everyone should enjoy playing, have loads of fun, a rugby-boost and beers next Sunday against the Irish!

(And let´s bring on lots of Bruisers / Grizzlies supporters too by the way!)

2910, 2019

SG Berlin Bruisers / Grizzlies vs. SC Siemensstadt

October 29th, 2019|Comments Off on SG Berlin Bruisers / Grizzlies vs. SC Siemensstadt

So much to be said about Sunday´s match: the quality of the match and the concentration on the play in waves, going up and down and up again. Hard match, heated atmosfere at times, some not so friendly behaviour, and a yellow card on both sides – Bruisers / Grizzlies losing 7-54. 

Everyone has a bad day sometimes, but (and this is a capital BUT and the noteworthy aspect) a tingling feeling up my spine at the last matches tells me that there is something´s developping! Our joined team is now 5 matches, a few trainings, growing together into the season and it presents some solid Rugby! It is visible that the efforts of coaches and team captain are showing some great great improvement: we win the scrums, the line-outs work, there were good phases (one after the other in a constant flow), quick passes, which finally led to a great pushing through and try by Alban.  

Even the referee mentioned in his summary that he has watched the Bruisers play over a lengthy period now and they keep getting better and better (now also thanks to the Grizzlie´s great players of course)!

Particular mention: impressive performances by Laurin, Tim and Robbie (he´s giving his 110% as always!), and a few powerful and committed tackles by Johan and John (Happy Birthday btw.)!

Still, there is some work to be done: too many little mistakes, easy ball dropping and losing, some shy tackles, some lack of support for the front line (fitness!) and too few passes to the backs after the work-phases in the center. Lack of concentration on the defense-line then allowed SCS to break through several times and score. 

Boys, we want you at training, so the Bruisers / Grizzlies show a more consistent play, and we´ll have some Rugby-fun together in the end!

Really looking forward to our next matches!

1308, 2019

August 13th, 2019|Comments Off on

We are thrilled to announce today that during the upcoming season the Berlin Bruisers will collaborate with the Berlin Grizzlies Rugby Club II to compete together in the regional rugby league (Regionalliga Nord/Ost) as SG Grizzlies/Bruisers (SG = Spielgemeinschaft/association of teams). 


1208, 2019

Berlin Beach Rugby 2019

August 12th, 2019|Comments Off on Berlin Beach Rugby 2019

Berlin Beach Rugby 2019

The dust (sand) has settled on an absolutely incredible day of Beach Rugby in the capital with 12 teams giving their all to be crowned 2019 champions.

For us Bruisers a great opportunity to play with other amazing teams

A very tight group phase saw 4 local teams progressing to the semi-finals with almost identical records and the clashes between BSC and Irish followed by BSV92 against last years champions Siemensstadt were epic, with high-quality rugby in a party atmosphere. With the Grünewälder and Spandauer making the final. Irish would make do with bronze by sneaking a win against their friends and training partners at BSV92.

Thanks to the Berlin Irish RFC e.V.