We support this commitment in a variety of ways, including providing appropriate systems, tools and training for our employees and ensuring compliance with legislation. We always strive to continuously improve our occupational health and safety systems and services. Our study support policy and performance review & development model ensure that you not only have the right skills and support to fulfill your current role, but also the opportunity to improve your work performance in order to fulfill your personal career. As Red Cross employees, we also take personal responsibility for achieving this vision by actively promoting values and behaviours that further enhance our safety culture and performance. Our flexible work policy contains provisions such as the possibility to change your start and end times, job sharing and, where appropriate, part-time options. You can choose to pack a number of benefits up to $15,900 per year from FBT on items such as your mortgage, rent, tuition, private health insurance, or even a personal credit repayment. You can choose to use our convenient De Packaging payment card to pack the daily cost of living, including food, clothing and electricity bills….