Good idea of the asset financing you want? Get in here fast. Full lease-to-sale contracts offer the following benefits: Work with us to energize your business with flexible and easy financing for new or used vehicles. We also provide support by providing fleet management services. Our asset finance solutions can help you grow your business by allowing you to buy the vehicles, equipment and machinery you need. Not sure what commercial asset financing you need? Let us help you. You can create a secure and secure online application by clicking on the “Go to the Site” button on the financing option for the desired Absa vehicle. Click Now on Post. Then follow the simple and progressive instructions. We have support funding mechanisms that fund the financing of the seas.

We offer you: we offer you not only a wide range of vehicle financing solutions, but also credit protection options, extensive coverage and a selection of guarantees that help you get on your way to the future. Let one of our advisors help you get the best vehicle financing for your needs. Signed by Absa Life Limited. The bonuses are valid for the duration of your financing contract. Coverage expires at the end of the funding agreement. Once your online application for Absa automotive funding is complete, you can follow it to see their status. Use this online tracking tool by typing in your app and ID number. You can also request vehicle financing from Absa, send an email or visit the nearest branch. Our in-house financial sector offers a number of financial arrangements, such as. B trailer rentals, buy-back contracts, full maintenance leasing and residual value leasing. Our custom packages are tailored to the needs of customers and our experience in this sector gives us a head start in this regard. Our technical support and the close management of all maintenance invoices ensure that all costs are properly approved and unnecessary costs are avoided.

At the end of the contract, simply return the vehicle and pay for all the extra kilometres you have travelled. If you opt for a rental contract, you have the full use of your vehicle without ever owning it. It will take you to the driver`s seat for the duration of the rental while you pay for your car over an agreed period. Our commercial asset finance specialists organize a loan specifically designed to meet your growing business requirements. You get full use of the car without owning or buying it.