We started in April 2012 as a team of rugby players of all experience levels and from many countries of the world. A new community was born and many new friendships arose. Our aim has always been to become a competitive rugby team with the utmost focus on promoting equality, justice and team spirit.

In the Tiergarten in the centre of Berlin, on a pitch marked out by bags and rucksacks, 20 people assembled to test their appetite for rugby. Only 5 had touched a rugby ball before…

Five years on and we are established in the Regionalliga Nordost and have also spawned a social team – the Gentleman’s XV, with nascent plans to have a Bruisers Women team up and running during the  2017/18 season! We have our roots firmly in the LGBT+ community of Berlin but we are open to all who enjoy playing rugby and are looking to develop team spirit with like-minded people. With our athletic and social activities we send a message against any kind of prejudice and for equality. A successful team requires all sorts of individuals who also enjoy working together in a team.

We are committed to the belief of inclusion, mutual respect, and honourable and safe play on the field, while at the same time breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes in the wider community. Anyone is welcome to join, however much experience they have and whatever the body type: rugby needs all sorts of skills, shapes and sizes to make up the perfect team.

We train mainly in English, as even though we are a German team we have members from over 15 countries from all over the world! It’s a real international ‘melting pot’.

Why not join us for training and see what we are about? What have you got to lose (other than a few spare kilos!)

Come on in … the mud is lovely!

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